Muggulu -RANGULA HARIVILLU(ముగ్గులు రంగులహరివిల్లు)1

దీపావళి /Deepavali

Ganesh Puja

లక్ష్మీపూజ / లక్ష్మీపూజ

న్యూ ఇయర్ / New Year

World is full of colors.Every color is unique and w cannot imagine a life without colors. We represent the seasons by colors, festivals ,occasions and even each day every second we observe our surroundings are filled with colors.

We associate our feelings with colors-like


Green-Prosperity,Serenity,Good omens

Yellow-Traditional ,auspicious



Black-Deep Silence ,Simple

Like wise every fetival has a specific color dominating

Ganesh Chathurdhi-Orange,Yellow



and Holi-a festival of colors

Even political parties




other parties have green, blue and multiple colors.

Like wise artists create paintings in various hues and express their views through the medium of colors. There canvas is paper,cardboard cloth ,glass,wood etc.

The lesser known artists in every home in India ,who have made ,mother earth as their canvas and paint their designs are the seed for the big artists to bloom.An insiration-Mother,sister,wife,friend.

This artform is RANGOLI.

It is called by different names in every State of India.

Rangoli-in most parts of India

Muggulu-In Andhra Pradesh

Kolam- In Tamilnadu and Kerala

Alpana-In Bengal

Aripana -in Bihar

Each has a distinct style and mediums and motifs.

Basically it can be wet floor or dry.

Wet floor: Front of the home is cleaned and cowdung is smeared.After it is dried, rice powder is used as a medium to draw the designs.

Dry floor:With space constraint in cities,and apartment culture booming ,floors are washed and chalkpiece or rice powder in water is used as a medium.

Why rice powder?

We live in harmony with nature. When in specific seasons food is not adequate ,small ants depend on this powder for food. in fact, its seeing that even minute creatures are given food and shoe our generousness and share what god has given us with the needy.

Such small act but big moral.Isnt it unique ?Its not taught in any school.


Round,Square,Diagonal,Pentagonal,Hexagonal depending on the occasion


Free hand with motifs and figurines-Flowers,creepers,fruits,portraits

Using Dots

Dots are important before drawing a design as they give a definite shape to the pattern.

1 The designs attach dot to dot and line formations give the shape to the motifs-Bommala muggulu

2 Dots are visible and line are drawn in between dots-Chukkala /Melika /Muthyala muggulu

Now coming to the adding life to muggulu-oh,i mean adding colors to the pattern is very important and meticulous job

We need

1 Colors

2 Medium to mix the color for easy spreading-This medium can be the limestone powder, fine sand ,rock salt,rava (coarse rice powder)

3 Flowers

4 Diyas

It is said that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the homes which welcomes her through the art of rangoli.

Some festivals have rangoli in the forefront like

*Onam in kerala-Rangoli is done with flowers

*Sankranthi-Where beautiful rangolis are drawn and small balls of cowdung decorated with flowers and turmeric and kumkum are put and puja is performed around the rangoli.

One article says

A design, usually geometric, drawn on the ground in front of a house or other dwelling in the colors of the morning sun, to represent inner awakening.

This tradition has to be handed over to the next generations .It is not only a culture but enhances the creativity of the childrens' mind and the right side part of the brain which is creative will develop .


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