MUGGULU-RANGULA HARIVILLU (ముగ్గులు రంగులహరివిల్లు)2


In the second series of Muggulu –Rangula Harivillu, a detailed explanation of the designs, drawing techniques and significance are detailed.


Basically they can be are drawn as
1 Guided
2 Freehand

Guided is further divided
1 By dots
2 By lines

Dots are placed uniformally in two ways

1 Parallel to each other (Count is same or reduces evenly by 2)
Pattern 1: Eg: 5-3-1 (forms a triangle pattern).If both sides the count is reduced it will form a diamond pattern

. .
. . .
. .

Pattern 2: Eg: 5 @ 5 times (forms a square pattern)

. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .

2 Middle dots (Count reduces by 1)
Eg: 5-4-3-2-1(Forms a diamond) For a hexagon

Also while drawing the pattern there are 2 ways,

1 By joining the dots. Dots become the integral part of the design and not visible. We see them at intersections of lines. (It will be seen in different forms,shapes and designs) (Akruti Muggulu)

2 By drawing a curved line between gaps. The dots are visible along with the lines (Muthyala Muggulu).


Rangoli is considered as auspicious and divine as Sree MahaLakshmi Devi .Daily cleaning the front of the house ,hallway or pooja room and putting Muggulu is a way of inviting the goddess to our homes and where the goddess resides there will be prosperity.So it has got a great significance in our culture and no event is started without the Muggu welcoming the event. Even the Yagna havans and homams are decorated with the symmetric patterns of rangoli before the actual performance of the yagna.

లక్ష్మీ క్షీర సముద్ర రాజ తనయా శ్రీరంగ ధామేశ్వరీం
దాసీభూత సమస్త దేవవనితాం లోకైక దీపాకురాం
శ్రీ మన్మంద కటాక్ష లబ్ద విభవత్ బ్రహ్మేంద్ర గంగాధరం
త్వాంత్త్రెలోక్యకుటుంబినీం సరసిజాం వందేముకుందప్రియాం

lakshmi kshIra samudra rAja tanayA SrIranga dhAmESvarIM
dAsIBUta samasta dEvavanitAM lOkeika deepAkuraaM
Sree manmaMda kaTAksha labda vibhavat brahmEndra gaMgAdharaM
tvAMttrelOkyakuTumbinIM sarasijAM vaMdEmukundapriyAM

The patterns signify the occasion and by seeing the entrance of a house decorated with the muggu reveals the significance of the day.

Our elders have always given importance to morning prayers and every action of us –like eating,drinking water,taking bath etc is only possible with the Gods’ grace So we need to thank them at everystage of our lives. They say Goddess lakshmi resides at the tip of the hand ,in the center of the palm resides Sarasvati,the goddess of wisdom and at the base of the palm is Govinda. So early morning praying to these gods and showing our obeisance is possible when we start drawing the rangoli with our hand.

కరాగ్రే వసతే లక్ష్మీ
కరమధ్య సరస్వతీ
కరమూలే తు గోవింద
ప్రభాతే కరదర్శనం

Karagre vasate Lakshmih
Karamadhya Sarasvati
Karamulee tu Govinda
Prabhatee karadarsanam


Also when we are preparing for drawing the muggu ,the postures we sit ,lean or stand are the yoga asanas.such is the greatness of our culture that every action of ours becomes a guidance to more purposeful life and imbibed in it are the life’s secrets.

Now you must be wondering what is the relation between the Muggu and Yogasanas.

In early days and even in some homes today,Rangoli is put 2 times a day –Morning and Evening.It is the way of inviting the gods to bring peace,happiness and good to all in the home and world in general.Surya namaskarams and Sandhya vandhanam.So now we can understand the relation. The lady of the home,

1 When she is cleaning the floor-the bending posture-Pada hastasana
2 When bringing water in the bucket and sprinkling water-Udaraka Asana,Pavana Muktha Asanas,ParsvaThadasan
3 While putting kolam-eyes,hands,neck,fingers wrist rotation movement- Pavanamuktha Asanas
4 When leaning forward-Pada hastasana
5 When sitting and drawing-Katichakra Asana

So these asanas put the required physical movement on the particular parts of the body, which will enhance the health of the lady enormously.It cures lot of health related issues of ladies like back pain,abdomenal problems,thyroid,hormonal secretion and above all the psychological well being as she draws the patterns ,the creative mind is being sharpened.

In a broadway,it perfectly fits the concise definition of Yogasanas in Pantanjalis “Yoga Sutras”---

స్థిరం సుఖం ఆసనం


-meaning that position which is comfortable and steady.That implies ,it make our body to comfortably be in a position for an extended length of time,as is necessary for meditation.

Don’t you see reason and purpose in all this?

Unfortunately, in todays society and jetstream patterns of life,we have given this task to our helping maids or totally taken to sticking a plastic paper with glue on oneside with a colorful design on the otherside and in some homes it is a forgotten daily routine except for festivals. Thank god at least its just an occasional ritual in some homes. Some solace atleast!

Also another interesting relation to the importance of rangoli is ,”Salutations to the Mother Earth” , or “Bhoomi vandanam “ who is the daughter of god of oceans and the consort of Lord Vishnu,on whom we daily walk do our daily chores and which gives us the food to eat,and daily oxygen for our lives. We are asking the mother goddess to pardon us .

సముద్రవసనే దేవీ
పర్వతస్తన మండలే
విష్ణుపత్నీ నమస్తుభ్యం
పాదస్పర్శం క్షమస్వ మే

Samudravasane devi
Parvatastana mandale
Vishnupatni namstubhyam
Padasparsam ksamasva me

We are invoking the goddess to bless and reside in our homes with auspiciousness,prosperity,good health,wealth and destruction of ignorance.

నమస్తేతు మహామాయే
శ్రీపీఠే సురపూజితే
శంఖచక్ర గదాహస్తే
మహాలక్ష్మీ నమోస్తుతే

Namastetu mahamaye
Sripeetee surapoojithe
Sankhachakra gadaahasthe
Mahalakshmi namostuthee

Goddess Mahalakshmi,my obeisance to you ,who is adorned by sankham,chakran in hands and seated on the highest pedestal and Srichakra which is a symbol of your divineness and I invite you to my home through the medium of muggu to bless us.

The patterns signify the occasion and by seeing the entrance of a house decorated with the muggu reveals the significance of the day.


1Padmam or lotus patterns,flowers,creepers,plants: Ganesha,Lakshmi,Dasara,Batukamma,,temple festivals
2 Sankha, chakras: Vaikunta ekadasi,
3 Pots,coconuts,sugarcane,kites,bullocks carts ,cocks,chariot : Pongal,Sankranthi,harvest festivals
4 Themes designs : Independence day ,New year and marriages and festivals
5 Cartoons of dolls,animals: Kids specials festivals,cradle ceremony,childrens day


There is culture in India that at any school,college or University level talent functions rangoli competition is a must.Even on special occasions and festivals Rangoli competitions are an integral part .
The best part is it is not taught in any classroom sessions but is a family tradition where the children learn from the parents and it is passed on for generations .

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Muggu also enhnaces one's cognitive skills like perception,memory etc especially the guided style muggu.